Livable CommuniKeys Programs

Stock Island and Key Haven

Lower Keys Mile Markers 14-29

Big Pine Key and No Name Key

Tavernier to Mile Marker 97

Key Largo


The Livable CommuniKeys Planning Program mission is outlined in 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The program’s objective 101.19 states that 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app shall address local community needs while balancing the needs of all 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app communities. These efforts shall focus on the human-crafted environment and shall be undertaken through the Livable CommuniKeys Planning Program.