Older American Advisory Board

The Older American Advisory Board was established in 1979. It was originally created to aid in obtaining grants from the State; the board requested they remain active as an advisory board to the 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Board of 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Commissioners to aid the elderly citizens of 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app. The responsibilities of the board are to investigate, review and recommend to the BOCC such services or programs that would benefit the older American citizens of 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app as well as provide such assistance to the Commissioners as requested by the Board. Monthly meetings provide a means of communication between the Commissioners, Administrator, Division Directors, and others in positions throughout the county.

The OAAB is comprised of twenty members (four from each of the Upper, Middle, Lower Keys and Key West Chapters of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)), the four Presidents of the AARP chapters or designate and one ex-officio member (a 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Commissioner appointed by the BOCC). All shall be residents of 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app and at least 55 years of age or older except the Commissioner ex-officio. Membership is appointed each January by the BOCC.


ADA Assistance 

If you are a person with a disability who needs special accommodations in order to participate in meeting proceedings, please contact the 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Administrator’s Office, by phoning 305-292-4441, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., no later than five (5) calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call "711."

Advisory Board Officers

Pam Martin, Chair
Dixie Humelsine, Vice-Chair
Jim Wagner, Secretary    

Lower Keys Chapter #1351
Darlene Bennett, President
Terri Gedmin
Paul Gedmin

Big Pine Chapter #2466
Jim Olsen, Chapter President
Pat Olsen
Jim Fogle
Shirley Wagner
Jim Wagner

Middle Keys Chapter #2324
Pam Martin, Chapter President
Michael Cunningham
Raisel Mendez
Julia Vidulich
Hunter Rogers            

Upper Keys Chapter #2519
Pam Martin, Chapter President       Jeanne Deuel            
Dixie Humelsine                      
Wayne Smith
Dailey Grainger