Service Complaint & Compliment

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A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction regarding transportation provided by 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Transit that cannot be resolved through an explanation of policy and standard operating procedures.

Service complaints are routine incidents of the type that may occur on a daily basis. They are reported to the driver, the reservationist, the dispatcher, or to other individuals involved with daily operations, and are solved within a reasonable time period suitable to the complainant. A service complaint can be considered resolved when the problem that catalyzed the complaint is corrected.

Instances where a problem initially appeared to be a complaint but is genuinely resolved with a simple clarification of policy and standard operating procedure should not be considered a complaint. 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Transit reserves the right not to act on any complaints which are considered to be frivolous and outside the letter and/or spirit of the definition of Service Complaint. Service Complaints may include but are not limited to Late trips, no shows, client behavior, staff behavior, passenger discomfort, dissatisfaction with vehicles or services denial without an explanation as to the reason.

Service complaints may arise from members of the public, 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Transit users, potential users, sponsoring agencies, non-sponsoring agencies, transportation staff - in short, anyone directly or indirectly affected by 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Transit service.

Service complaints are documented by use of the Complaint Form available below, or upon request from the 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app Transit driver of office. Some service complaints can be resolved while speaking with the consumer and others will require research in order to be resolved.

Service complaints should be resolved in a timely manner within seven days, sooner being preferred. The response shall be in writing explaining what is being done about this service complaint. If the complainant is not satisfied with the results, they may request a hearing with the Transportation Administrator in an attempt to resolve the problem to their satisfaction. Should this not resolve the issue, a hearing may be requested composed of the complainant, the Transportation Administrator, and three manager level employees of 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app 皇冠体育官方app体育官方app to reach a conclusion of this matter.

Complaint and Compliment Form

Submit to: Transportation Coordinator
1100 Simonton Street Room 1-179
Key West, Fl 33040
Fax: 305-292-4411
Email Lourdes Francis